Christian America?: What Evangelicals Really Want

Christian America?: What Evangelicals Really Want
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Its pietism and emphasis on religious experience make evangelicalism a powerful agent in culture, yet can also lead to a kind of cultural captivity.

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The current crisis is an evangelicalism ensnared by a myopic vision of cultural influence—in its purest form tending to pursue social transformation without keeping doctrine in the center, and in its most mercenary form acquiring political power through the pretense of kingdom work. It is impossible to read his work and come away confident that current tribal alignments authentically reflect the deepest priorities of historic evangelical Christianity.

Nevertheless, Who Is an Evangelical?

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Politics portal. The great majority of ordinary evangelicals we interviewed were definite in their support for these eight beliefs. Disciplines Religion Christianity. May We asked our interviewees how Christians should deal with the kinds of groups they often identified as problems, such as abortion-rights activists, homosexuals, feminists, the ACLU, the media, and new-age religionists.

The solution is to look backward, to break the tyranny of the now and remind ourselves of a way more ancient, more holy, more biblical, and more evangelical. Samuel D. Close Login. Web Exclusives First Thoughts. Intellectual Retreats Erasmus Lectures.

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Articles by Samuel D. And who exactly are the people the Christian Right claims to represent?

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In the most extensive study of American evangelicals ever conducted, Christian Smith explores the beliefs, values, commitments, and goals of the ordinary men and women who make up this often misunderstood religious group. The result is a much-needed contribution to the discussion of issues surrounding fundamental American freedoms and the basic identity of the United States as a pluralistic nation. Based on data from a three-year national study, including more than in-depth interviews of evangelicals around the country, Christian America?

What Smith finds instead are people vastly more diverse and ambivalent than this stereotype suggests.

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On issues such as religion in education, "family values," Christian political activism, and tolerance of other religions and moralities, evangelicals are highly disparate and conflicted. As the voices of interviewees make clear, the labels "conservative" and "liberal" are too simplistic for understanding their approaches to public life and political action.

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Making Sense of "Christian America"

"This book clearly demonstrates how important it is to listen. Smith's work provides us with broad and systematic confirmation of what a decade of ethnographic studies had anticipated--when we get past. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. In this convincing cultural analysis, Smith, What Evangelicals Really Want - Kindle edition by Christian Smith.

Christian Smith. Smith's work provides us with broad and systematic confirmation of what a decade of ethnographic studies had anticipated--when we get past our stereotypes long enough to listen to ordinary evangelicals, we find a much more diverse and ambivalent family than the 'mighty charging army' of culture war rhetoric.

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Serious attention to the findings reported here can be an important ingredient in building the civil and tolerant society we say we want. Ammerman, author of Bible Believers ""This volume captures the common sense views of thousands of grass-roots evangelicals about the role of politics and pluralism in contemporary America.

It shows that evangelicals speak not with one voice, but reflect a wide range of options on most issues of pressing cultural importance.