Episode I: Parrallel Paths (The New Breed Chronicles)

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That happened because of history, because of cultural history in the case of Arabic, the Quran.

You go to school and you learn Italian. Michael Gordin of Princeton:. You guys are the ones that have contributed, obviously, to the way we think about language as so complicated. It might be helpful to look at some of the countries that already use formulas calling for two or three languages. In some other countries, in Nigeria , Kazakhstan.

They tried to implement this formula. Every child has to study his own language, English, and the language of the other part of the country. Everything beautiful. You bring national cohesiveness, you bring efficiency through English, and you still sustain your individual languages, your individual attachments, your identification.

Because their attachment to home language was much stronger than doing anything else. What did Kazakhstan do, or what happened there that made it work better? But in the case of Kazakhstan , I think the people were convinced that this is right way to go.

"Blast Off" Episode 13 Parallel Paths

In Kazakhstan, with its oil and gas resources, English is very important to be a part of the international community. Because democracy is a little sloppier. To be fair, there are a lot of differences between Kazakhstan and India. India is much larger, much more diverse. Even so, says Michael Gordin ….

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The energy required to learn a language is high enough that you really have to work on the motivation. The constructed languages and the natural languages provide lots of examples of the importance of that.

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OK, so how do you get people to engage with a language? So what would happen if we chose English as the new universal language? I mean, with 1.

What would you do to make English truly accessible to everyone, especially non-native speakers? You had to be really fluent in one of those three but only pretty competent in the others. A much weaker level of fluency. You could relax the assumption that everything has to be perfect grammar-book English and just allow the publication of rougher English in a variety of forms, without this obsessive copyediting.

That would be fairer. SCHOR: The most important thing would be to provide incentives for linguistic innovation, or for bringing language and the arts together, for bringing language and engineering together. This would have to come from some organization or donors, of course. In other words, would it be better just to have all Hollywood movies distributed globally for free?

What Would Be the Best Universal Language? (Earth 2.0 Series) (Ep. 301)

Would that be the best way for people to learn English? Once again, [the] example of India, Bollywood movies have contributed to [the] tremendous development of Hind[i] … The language was not spoken very widely in India, before the development of Bollywood. Some of them Skype, some of them do it on Facebook. But overall, the internet is dominated by what John McWhorter calls the big-dude languages, especially English. There is of course no guarantee that this march toward English hegemony continues.

History shows us that language is inherently mutable. So what can we assume about the future of language? In the 19th century, in Bohemia, the Czech region of the Habsburg Empire, it was quite common for neighboring peasant villages, one of which was predominantly German-speaking and one of which was predominantly Czech-speaking, to send kids to be educated in the other town. That way the kid would know both languages. However judiciously we might draw up the best course of language for Earth 2. Language evolves, it diverges; it constantly sparks its own offshoots.

Consider a recent group of languages that were created from scratch. Brian Kernighan is a computer-science professor at Princeton. He used to work at Bell Labs , the famous incubator of various operating systems and coding languages. The first major programming languages were invented in the late s.

It listed on that probably programming languages. Today, there are at least 1, programming languages. Of course not. Do we use that many languages? Actually, no.

See a Problem?

The repertoire of most journeymen programmers is probably half a dozen to a dozen or something like that. The parallel between programming languages and natural languages is not perfect, but still striking. A new language costs time, effort, and money to create, to learn, to maintain. Why, then, has there been so much growth?

The Entrepreneur Chronicles: What I Learned from Starting a Business in One Month

Agarest: Generations of War. Thorne came on board in April And they just kept recommending it to each other. Kip reveals that with the recent deaths of Crowley , Asmodeus , and Lucifer , Hell has been left without a leader. From the starving migrants who push through sandstorms with children strapped to their backs to the exploitive criminals who prey on them, from the smugglers who dangerously stretch the limits of their cargo space to the volunteers who uproot their own lives to hand out water bottles--what emerges is a kaleidoscope of humanity in the wake of tragedy. Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. It's why so many have made it an essential component in their training and conditioning programs.

That is, taking on tasks that were not part of the original. Therefore the language evolves because the environment in which it lives is changing, the resources that are available for programmers — that is, hardware resources — are changing, and the desires of the people who write programs change as well.

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GORDIN: Or an optimist would say developing into varieties of pronunciations and accents display the diversity of who we are. Part of that has to do with tribal tendencies. Part of it has to do with a love of experimentation, regional loyalty, something that sounds aesthetically interesting. You could end up with something like a guy writing a poem in the late medieval period in the Tuscan dialect , Dante, producing a standard for a language by the act of his particularity.

This kind of change can create chaos. In some ways, becoming more aware of the relationship that we have with language is the thing that helps communication — more than simply trying to build one system. Amid a lot of interest in the US, streaming service Hulu quickly boarded the series, while distributor FremantleMedia International beefed up its budget. On screen, Jim Sturgess and model-turned-actor Agyness Deyn in her first TV role play Hicks and Renko respectively, distrustful partners who seek to enforce the law and protect their families as destruction edges ever closer.

Nicki Amuka-Bird plays an MI5 government official, a mysterious character who is part of the establishment and trying to suppress the information. They circle each other. That tension between them is absolutely essential. Agyness has never done TV. She seemed really excited by the material as soon as we met her. Back on set and with the cameras rolling, Sturgess and Deyn find themselves in the lobby of a grand house, the air thick with smoke as an elaborate chandelier hangs above.

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Paths (The New. Breed Chronicles) file PDF Book only if you are registered universe of E- Images for episode i: parallel paths (the new breed chronicles). [PDF] Episode I: Parrallel Paths (The New Breed Chronicles) by. J.T. Lomasney. coast, the book also chronicles the.. parallel groups who share their bucolic.

One side room appears to be a surgery, with a lobotomy chair in the middle. Other rooms appear to be bedrooms, with TVs screening static fuzz in the gloom.

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As Renko and Hicks, they enter the room from a dark corridor, torches raised to find a lady in a medical gown. Slowly, others emerge from the darkness to surround them in what promises to be an extremely creepy climax to the sixth episode. Naturally, the logistics and cost of moving the production around the city caused headaches for Warren and his team. The scripts also called for numerous night shoots, which became increasingly difficult as the production, which began shooting at the end of January, entered spring and early summer.

Instead, he was pondering a break from acting to focus on his music career. TV works for a project like this because you can really take your time with it. It was there that the two leads cemented their partnership, both on and off screen. She brings everything she has to it and we get on really well.