Learning to Scream: Joannes Revelation

"I've kept my story secret for the last 25 years -- I didn't want to take this to my grave"
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Then, sharing about Jesus becomes essential and very personal. As we sang an evangelistic song, I felt the presence of holiness come into the room. The song gripped me and just seemed to add to the excitement I already felt. The music was captivating and took me to what I will call a worship place. The feeling in the room was the same as other times that I had been invited to come away with the Lord to visit Heaven. I knew I was being invited to go in the spirit. The holiness had come for me.

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Then, all of a sudden, the front of the room opened up. I instantly opened my eyes and saw the transformation as it happened. The Hell realm unlocked and I heard massive gates creak open and I felt extreme heat enter the room. I looked with my eyes wide open and I saw Hell through the gates. I saw it! I was shocked that it was right there. To say I panicked is an understatement!

Worship and prayer continued around me. The people were oblivious that Hell was at the front of the room. I watched those ominous gates open as I watched the people worshiping.

The two places, the meeting room and Hell were together. I frantically looked to see who might help me. Instinctively, I started screaming. I felt the sound of fear coming from my own body. I knew that my spirit was being demanded to submit. As I screamed, my spirit was also making a sound that deeply hurt my heart and brain while it also panicked every blood cell in my body. Something came flying past the gates of Hell. It was coming for me. It was like an arm without fingers that grabbed me and sucked me into Hell.

The arm was very powerful. It was attached to me like a suction cup in the area of my chest and began dragging me further into Hell. As quickly as it shot out from Hell, it just as quickly moved back. I tried to pull back and break the hold it had on me but it was too powerful. Before I could blink, I knew this—it was too late. The gates slammed shut with a terrible sound of finality.

europeschool.com.ua/profiles/xorunofy/pies-bonitos-de-mujer.php I knew there was no man on this side or that who could ever open those gates. Only Jesus could because He owns Hell. I passed through gates that trapped the darkness inside.

The first thing I knew when I got there: I was in Hell. The realization that I was in Hell was unquestionably shocking and beyond hurtful! It was like that but more dire. I was like a child and I had no plan. I panicked like no other panic I have ever experienced in my entire life. I knew many things all at once. As I break them down to explain each one individually, it gives the false appearance that it was a slow progressive onslaught.

But everything was immediate. For the sake of explanation, I knew three things first—I was in Hell, eternally, for unforgiveness. Before that day, I had not studied much about Hell.

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You bend your body at the hips, hold up your hands in front of your face in a fighting stance. There are no words. Because they're just numbers-- makes total sense! The Observer. She had her nose thinned while still at college; her next procedure, an eye lift , was performed in when she was in her 30s as an attempt to further her career.

Although I knew, it was just easier to hold on to unforgiveness. I mean, with time, unforgiveness had become part of me. I would never have thought unforgiveness could take a person to Hell.

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My view was swiftly changed. In Hell, I knew and understood the Bible perfectly. Every word of God that I had ever read was now completely clear. And I knew exactly how much I had disobeyed in comparison to my biblical understanding.

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I was keenly aware of everything about myself and my body. Stuff like my blood moving, my eyes seeing, and how all parts of my body work. I have never been in such awe of the creation of a human body. Everything I learned in eighth grade science I recalled perfectly. But even more, a supernatural knowledge filled in the blanks that I did not already know.

My knowledge about Hell, from the Scriptures, was also at the front of my awareness.

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I knew that everything I had read was true. All heartbreakingly true. I knew all of the scriptures on Hell, how much information was provided to me in the Bible about it, and how those scriptures fit with the rest of the Bible. I was fully awakened to the terrible reality of this place. The panic of knowing that I was in Hell grew.

I was not a visitor. I understood that Hell is a relational issue, not a problem to solve like a math question. A person cannot get out of Hell if they acquire the right answer. Hell was created because of a relational issue. We all have sinned see Rom.

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It is a relational issue. Because of the Devil and his disobedience, disrespect, and disregard of God, Hell was created. We think someone goes to Hell because they sinned, but really it is about disobeying and disrespecting God. That kiss is about love, affection, and obedience. We think that because people mess up, God sends them to Hell.

But that is not true. How can we think God is bad? People go to Hell because they refuse to be in a relationship with God. Hell is about a refusal to love God and have a relationship with Him. Although God literally forgave me everything, I chose to refuse to forgive certain ones. When the servant refused to forgive the debt and stood before the king again, he was called wicked. We start out loving God because He loves us, but then we love Him because of everything we know about Him as we go deeper and deeper into relationship. So how much more is that true about Jesus?

There is mercy when we mess up. But we reject His mercy when we defiantly harden our hearts see Heb.

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The Bible teaches that God longs to be gracious to us see Isa. In the same way that it takes a repentant heart to receive salvation, it takes a repentant heart to receive mercy. Hell is where those who refuse God will find themselves.


The ways of God are righteous, always righteous! Even though I wished it were not so, I knew that it was. The judgment of God is true. Everyone knows that truth there. The judgment of me being in Hell eternally for not forgiving people on the earth was completely righteous. In my own knowledge, being in Hell was completely righteous. That never happens in Hell. Everyone in Hell is there because they are guilty. Because they would not love and obey God. As I faced the reality of my judgment, I was in overload.