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During her long imprisonment in England, the Earl of Shrewsbury, to whom she had been entrusted, was known to complain about the costs of her beauty routine. Though the crux of Mary and Elizabeth's rivalry was the line of succession and their religions and those of their respective countries , Elizabeth served as the godmother to Mary's son, James VI. Elizabeth sent a proxy to the christening, and like her reluctance to meet Mary in person, Elizabeth only ever corresponded by letter with James VI. The birth of James did eventually solve the ongoing issue of succession for both countries.

Though Elizabeth insisted on keeping Mary under house arrest when she fled the uprisings in Scotland and sought solace in England Mary was also forced to abdicate her throne to a then month-old James , she did eventually name James as her successor. Upon Elizabeth's death in , he became James VI and I—the sixth of Scotland and first of England—and the first monarch to jointly rule the sovereign states known as the Union of the Crowns.

Much has been made of the botched beheading at Mary's execution. After some years of living under house arrest in England and as an ongoing, living threat to Elizabeth's crown , Mary was convicted of conspiring to kill her cousin. On February 8, , at age 44, she approached the block, " cast off her black gown to reveal a red dress underneath, the shade of Catholic martyrdom," and had her neck hacked at least three times by the fumbling executioner , who then dropped her head when he grabbed it by the wig.

But as devastating as that entire episode was for everyone in attendance, what happened next made an awful situation even worse. Mary's pet terrier "had hidden itself in the folds of her petticoat and sneaked onto stage," according to Guy. Though they never met in person, despite all their correspondence, Mary and Elizabeth's tombs are side by side in Westminster Abbey's Lady Chapel. Following Mary's execution, Elizabeth ignored her request to be buried in France and had her interred at Peterborough Cathedral in a Protestant ceremony.

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And though her tomb is next to her rival cousin's, they are separated by a nave—even in death, their crypts aren't quite in view of each other. Almost years after the pilgrims and the Wampanoag tribe feasted together for the first unofficial Thanksgiving in , the U. Then, in , President Abraham Lincoln issued a proclamation stating that Thanksgiving would be celebrated every year on the last Thursday in November.

Either way, the nation gave thanks around the table every last Thursday of November until , when Thanksgiving fell on the very last day of November. Roosevelt, encouraged by retailers, decided it would benefit the economy if Thanksgiving was celebrated a week earlier, thus lengthening the holiday shopping season. In a presidential proclamation, he shifted it to the second-to-last Thursday of November, but only 32 states agreed with him—so from to , America had two Thanksgivings, depending on where you were in the country. In , Congress put an end to the chaos with a joint resolution declaring that the entire nation would celebrate Thanksgiving on just one day.

Though the House of Representatives chose the last Thursday in the original document, they ultimately conceded when the Senate submitted an amendment choosing the fourth Thursday instead thus accounting for the years when November has five weeks. President Roosevelt signed it on December 26, , much to the delight of retailers everywhere. Curious about how other Thanksgiving traditions came to be?

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Discover their origins here. He told the grave diggers that the piles of dirt they were moving were in service of a deceased man named William Bobo. Bobo, an old cowboy in the Fort Worth area, occupied one of the tables inside the funeral parlor, old age and sun-drenched living having caught up to him at the age of When Groody picked out a brown suit for the service, the reporters who were milling around the funeral home asked him who it was for.

Groody was lying. Neither were the flowers, nor the grave, nor the eight policemen and two guard dogs stationed at the property, some of whom had accompanied Groody when he visited Parkland Memorial Hospital on November 24 to claim the most infamous corpse in the country.

All of these arrangements were in the service of burying Lee Harvey Oswald, the man accused of assassinating John F. Kennedy on November 22, , who was himself murdered on November 24, and would be laid to rest on November It would be a most unusual send-off. Perched at the window of the Texas School Book Depository, alleged communist Oswald reportedly took aim at a motorcade traveling through Dallas, fired three shots, and pierced the skull of Kennedy.


Who knows what will vanish next? When Daisy's birthday treasure hunt leads them into the path of the culprit, Daisy and Hazel realise where they'll strike next - the British Museum! People will start to believe it! This latter is hardly surprising, as the author is a quantum physicist and also a prominent Jewish businessman. An ideal book for year 6 pupils studying Hey Grandude is an action-packed picturebook adventure celebrating the fun grandparents and grandkids can get up to.

He was captured, jailed, then shot by nightclub owner Jack Ruby while in transit to another facility. At Parkland Memorial Hospital—the same site where Kennedy was rushed in an attempt to save his life—Oswald was pronounced dead minutes after being shot. Never had a dead body been such a source of consternation and concern among the Secret Service, the FBI, and local officials.

Oswald had obviously been a target while he was still breathing; dead, the authorities were concerned that he might attract people looking to desecrate his corpse.

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Quietly, law enforcement phoned Groody, who operated a funeral home in Fort Worth. But there were some problems. Problem one was the issue of finding someone to lead the service. No one, not even clergy members, could seem to put aside their anger long enough to say even a few parting words about a man who sent the country into mourning. Two Lutheran ministers agreed, then backed out when Groody told them the service would be held outdoors. Both feared sniper fire would disrupt the proceedings. Aside from law enforcement, no one other than Oswald's widow and mother had showed up for the funeral—there were no friends and no other family members to serve as pallbearers.

So Groody turned to the one thing he did have in plentiful supply: members of the press. Groody approached Preston McGraw, a local reporter with whom he had some previous dealings. McGraw agreed to help carry the casket. In summer he began experiencing debilitating headaches — aftereffects of the crash — and, deemed unable to fly, was sent home to Britain.

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Eleven: Book Eleven of the White Witch Series at Complete PDF Library. It's easy to register here to get Book file PDF Naming Day and a Mystery, Book. Witch is When Stuff Got Serious (A Witch P.I. Mystery Book 11) - Kindle edition by Adele Abbott. Prime members enjoy FREE Two-Day Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and .. Your name here . I started with this series because I was looking for books that offered audible.

Later that day, Dahl put pen to paper. In a interview with the New Statesman , Dahl claimed Hitler had his reasons for exterminating six million men, women and children.

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The Gremlins was first published as a short magazine story then, marketed for children, as a book by Walt Disney, who decided to turn it into a film. Instead, Gene Wilder was cast. The first draft is also much scarier than the published book — in the original version, James meets a witch who wants to cut off his legs in exchange for magic green crystals.

click here Charlie and the Chocolate Factory went through several early drafts. A few days later Dahl sent Quentin one of his own Norwegian sandals. At first, says RoaldDahl. He is best remembered for his writing for children, but you might be surprised to learn that Dahl contributed to the invention of the modern ventricular catheter and shunt valves used in neurosurgery. The innovation came in the wake of personal tragedy.

As a result Theo developed a medial condition called hydrocephalus — a build-up of fluid on the brain. Together with neurosurgeon Kenneth Till and toymaker Stanley Wade, who specialised in making small hydraulic pumps that supplied fuel to model aeroplane engines, Dahl designed the Wade-Dahl-Till valve — a cerebral shunt used to drain excess fluid from the brain. The device has since been used in thousands of operations, although Theo himself recovered from his accident and did not require the valve.

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The s were particularly difficult years for Roald Dahl. The strokes left Patricia in a coma for three weeks; after regaining consciousness she was semi-paralysed and unable to speak. At the time of her stroke Patricia was three months pregnant with their fifth child and fourth daughter , Lucy, who was born on 4 August.

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And during the s Dahl was writing prolifically in spite of personal troubles: in he separated from Patricia Neal after 28 years of marriage. Dahl was an incredibly accomplished writer of adult short stories. Between and he published four collections of adult tales, and his comic novel for adults, My Uncle Oswald , was published in Tales of the Unexpected — a compilation of 16 previously published short stories — was published in It is, however, historically significant in that it is thought to be the first novel about nuclear war to be published in the US after the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Dahl also wrote the screenplay for a TV special of James and the Giant Peach, which never aired.

From scrumdiddlyumptious to frizzlecrump, over the course of his career Roald Dahl invented hundreds of weird and wonderful words as part of a language he called Gobblefunk.