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Maria, 15 years younger, grew up in Ostia, Italy, but no longer sees her family. Together they form a couple who seems to need no one. They lead an isolated life in contemporary Rome and make love with the passion of young lovers. Mary decides it's time to have a real family, challenging the man of her life. Born in in Catania, Italy. For TV, he directed La pista di sabbia and Il bambino della domenica , among others. This is his first feature film as a director. Born in in Rome. In , she directed the medium-length L'anima del Gattopardo, screened at the Taormina Festival.

This is her first feature film.

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Bolonha, Os protestos contra a lei trabalhista italiana explodem nas universidades. Bologna, Protests against the Italian labor law explode in universities. The murder of a judge reopens old political wounds between Italy and France. Marco is a former left-wing activist who, thanks to Mitterrand's doctrine, found asylum in France 20 years ago. Convicted at the time of murder, he is now the prime suspect of ordering the attack.

The Italian government demands his extradition, forcing Marco to flee with Viola, his year-old daughter. His life and that of his family in Italy will change forever. Alessandro is a troubled year-old boy; Giorgio is an year-old forgotten poet. They live in Trastevere, Rome, a few blocks away from each other but they have never met. Until Alessandro takes a job as a caregiver and has to accompany that man on his afternoon walks. Following clues like in a scavenger hunt, Alessandro undertakes a journey with Giorgio to discover hidden memories — and the beauty concealed in his own heart.

Estreou como roteirista em , com Condominio.

source Em , dirigiu Noi 4. Born in Rome, in He started his career as a screenwriter in with Condominio. His directorial debut was Easy! In , he directed Noi 4. Born in La Spezia, Italy. Melhor filme da mostra Horizontes em Veneza Exorcism is still a reality.

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Every year, more and more people claim that their illnesses are caused by demonic possession. The Catholic Church reacts to this crisis by nominating priests as exorcists in increasing numbers. In Rome and Milan alone, the number of exorcists has doubled, and the church has set up an emergency call center. Father Cataldo is one of the most sought-after exorcists in Sicily. Every Tuesday, many believers follow his mass of liberation, searching for a cure for an illness whitout a label or a remedy. Best film at the Horizons sidebar in Venice Claudia and Flavio lived a rapturous passion for a long while.

At the age of 50, she thinks the solution to her problems is to win back her exhusband. Flavio feels the need to move forward, he is grounded, while Claudia prefers to never forget. A sentimental comedy about how inadequate and incongruent love stories are today and about how women face the end and a new beginning. She is a writer, director and screenwriter. Born in , in Sittard, The Netherlands. He studied direction at the Netherlands Film Academy. Once she is there, Anna meets Immacolata, her mother's old friend, who tells her of the time her father, Gauke, traveled between Holland and Italy on a bicycle, introduced the Dutch irrigation practice in the city, opened a business selling tulips and fought bandits with kung fu moves.

Immacolata makes even more sinister revelations, which will shake Anna's world, making her settle scores with the past. Tudo isso com a chance de ver sua foto publicada no Metro Jornal. Born in in Buenos Aires.

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He has been working in film since as director of short films and editor. While trying to maintain her daily routine as if nothing had happened, she is overwhelmed with fear and anguish. Making the decision that will change her life forever will allow her to have a fresh start. Horizons section, Venice Film Festival The preteens want to spend time together and they share everything: school, dance lessons and adoration for gymnast Nadia Comaneci. Twenty years later, they meet again.

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Romina is now a mother, while Flor has become a successful writer. The story of a friendship that lasted from the first love to divorce, a complex relationship that stood the test of time. Born in Buenos Aires, she has a master in art history. She worked as a screenwriter for several TV series in Argentina, such as El sodero de mi vida, Son amores, Primicias, El tiempo no para and Soy tu fan.

She made her directorial debut with the short film Samantha , screened at the Guadalajara Festival. Born in Rio de Janeiro, in As a journalist, was editor or the three most important newspapers of Rio de Janeiro. Gato Tuerto is Cuba's most iconic cabaret.

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Since it first opened its doors 55 years ago, it remains a refuge for Havana's cultured bohemian circles. It also served as a scenario for the world's longest bolero session, as recorded on the Guinness Book of Records.

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Nico left behind a successful career in Argentina to try life as an actor in New York. When old friends decide to visit, he will have to juggle to pretend he is living a successful life.

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A journey of self-discovery and unexpected gains that only failure can offer. Tribeca, Born in , in Argentina, and lives in New York. She was an assistant director in dozens of commercials and feature films, including The Motorcycle Diaries , by Walter Salles. Film and theater director, he is one of the founders of Sutil Companhia. Throughout his career, he has received more than awards and nominations in Brazil.

In , he directed his first film, Sunstroke, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival. The life of a bookseller, a melancholic and aspiring writer, is shaken by an enigmatic woman who steals in his bookstore.

Soon he becomes entangled in the mystery of a delusional and obsessive love. This film explores the alienating effect of love and the liberating power of forgiveness.

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Based on the work of Rodrigo Rey Rosa. After the attack on satyrical paper Charlie Hebdo, in Paris, Ivan, a frivolous young man, son of a prominent Argentine journalist, sets off on a journey to sites of contemporary geopolitical conflict. However, making a documentary about the scenes of world conflict is no easy task.

He will soon find out that harder than being in the front line is to determine the line between his life and the ego trip that guides him. Rotterdam Film Festival Born in Buenos Aires in He graduated in film and works as a director, producer, programmer and distributor.

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Naturally occurring isotopes tritium, and carbon, and stable isotopes of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon , and dissolved noble gases also were measured to help identify the source and age of the sampled ground water. Eu gostaria de um convite com o formato de uma boneca de pano? Entendo muito bem o sentimento, Carol. Alma de rainha Marinelli, Carol. Conhece bem o seu corpo? He has been involved in producing, directing, cinematography and editing. Se pensava que regresso dos anos se ia ficar apenas pelos coordenados Juicy Couture, pela Dior Saddle Bag ou pelo lip gloss, pense outra vez.

He also distributed in Argentina a few Brazilian titles, such as Neighbouring Sounds , Branco sai, preto fica and Avanti Popolo This is his first feature as a director. He writes and directs both documentary and fiction films. When she realizes the mistake of believing in such a proposal, she is already in the middle of the desert and will begin an arduous journey on foot through the Patagonia plateau next to Gwynfor. Agent Hermes Prieto goes after them, certain that he will find a trail in the middle of the desert. Axel is a ten year-old who lives with his mother, Margarita, and his three twenty-something sisters in Montserrat, a once aristocratic Buenos Aires neighborhood, now in decadence.

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