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Cultivar and weeding effects on weeds and rice yields in a degraded upland environment of the coastal savanna. Weed Technology , 25 3 : Effects of cultivar and harvesting conditions age, season on the texture and taste of boiled cassava roots. Food Chemistry , 1 : Aissi M.

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Cahiers Agricultures , 20 3 : Field observational studies on circadian activity pattern of Oecophylla longinoda ' Latreille Hymenoptera: Formicidae in relation to abiotic factors and mango cultivars. International Journal of Biological and Chemical Sciences , 5 2 : Genetic characterization of two traditional leafy vegetables Sesamum radiatum Thonn. African Journal of Biotechnology , 10 65 : Genotypic variability of oil palm root system distribution in the field. Consequences for water uptake.

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ISDA Coudel Emilie ed. Cotton expansion and biodiversity loss in African savannahs, opportunities and challenges for conservation agriculture: A review paper based on two case studies.

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In : Natural resource management and local development. Torquebiau Emmanuel ed. Heidelberg : Springer [Allemagne] , Topics in biodiversity and conservation, 12 ISBN Diversity of fruit fly species Diptera: Tephritidae associated with citrus crops Rutaceae in southern Benin in International Journal of Biological and Chemical Sciences , 4 6 : Girard Pierre ed.

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D'où viennent les noms de famille?

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Spatial avoidance of invading pastoral cattle by wild ungulates: Insights from using point process statistics. Biodiversity and Conservation , 19 7 : Studies on the breeding swarms of Anopheles gambiae complex in malaria control perspective. Malaria Journal , 9 2 , suppl. Un exemple de charte de travail : le projet Innobap. In : Innover avec les acteurs du monde rural : la recherche-action en partenariat.

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Volume 39 Issue 4 Dec , pp. Cahiers Agricultures , 9 2 : Washington : ICAC , Enlarge Enlarge. About this Item: Pluriel, Universal , Schirmer. Eckhardt, A.

West african fruit fly initiative. An acaricide-treated net to control phytophagous mites. Crop Protection , 29 5 : Allies in nature. R4D Review 3 : Ant cues affect the oviposition behaviour of fruit flies Diptera: Tephritidae in Africa. Physiological Entomology , 34 3 : Architectural analysis of root system of sexually vs.

Characterisation of Blighia sapida Sapindaceae seed oil and defatted cake from Benin.

http://lastsurestart.co.uk/libraries/store/503-tool-to-locate.php Natural Product Research , 23 6 : Characterisation of highly polymerised prodelphinidins from skin and flesh of four cashew apple Anacardium occidentale L. Food Chemistry , 3 : Nairobi : African Association of Insect Scientists , Les plans fonciers ruraux en Afrique de l'Ouest. Lavigne-Delville Philippe. Colin Jean-Philippe ed. Correlation of fruit fly Diptera Tephritidae infestation of major mango cultivars in Borgou Benin with abiotic and biotic factors and assessment of damage.