Real Guns: Remingtons Model 700 BDL 50th Anniversary Edition (Article Reprint) (Real Guns™ Book 18)

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There is 2 five round magazines and 2 10 round magazines! In like new condition for your bidding pleasure! Take these babies home with the previous lot ruger gunsite scout rifle.

Much more than documents.

Here is a nice winchester model 74 semi automatic rifle chambered in the. Here is a great lot of. Take this brick home and enjoy a day of plinking! Here is a lot of 2 leather crafted ammo belts, one is from hunter med which measures approx Up for auction is a super nice cobra c22m double barrel derringer with rosewood grips, satin nickle matte finish, made in the usa comes with box, paperwork and lock, this is definetly a great little conceal and carry handgun for those that want to stash the protection.

Here is 2. New in package is an uncle mike's law enforcement right hand size 10 ankle holster, right hand model for inside the left leg, fits most small autos. Fully adjustable for custom fit, lightweight for long wearing comfort, durable construction with a noise reduction ratio of 25 decibals.

Creating and maintaining a self reliant supply of energy water, shelter and more! New book in the package by dave black "save money, save the planet! Here is a great mosin nagant m44 russian rifle dated "r" chambered in the 7. This lot includes two clips and 19 rounds of. Not sure if this is totally correct but appears on the clips to have etched in the end " bwn assy ".

Military surplus waterproof m2a1. Here is a nice howa model bolt action rifle chambered in. Rifle comes with rail and rings.

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Also has a set of sling rings. This one is great for the avid hunter, you will appreciate the great condition of this rifle. Here is living off the grid paperback book by dave black, a simple guide to creating and maintaining a self reliant supply of energy, water, shelter and more. Book is new in the package for your reading pleasure. Great for the person wanting to learn how to live life more efficient, and economically earth friendly. The concepts can save you money and help you be a better citizen of the planet.

Savage anschutz mark 12 manual

Here is a real nice walther p22 semi auto first edition set for your bidding pleasure, comes with p22 target 2nd barrel and frame extension that slides over barrel, this makes the p22 a target semi auto, comes with a super nice hard case, paperwork, lock and more: made in germany and is of , well worth the investment on this pistol, you will not want to pass up You always need. This lot comes with and adjustable paddle holster law enforcement style kydex style material, is a size 29 right hand in like gently used condition, comes with a fobus double magazine case gently used as well in nice condition made need a little clean on the front but other wise, great set for great deal so bid today!

But does have the original box. Box 3 is olin military grade mg buck 12 ga shotshell no. A camo-colored case for 2! Locking, comes with key: keep your rifle or shotgun stowed away in this protective case! Features an extremely rugged aluminum frame that can take the hard knocks so your "piece" doesn't have to. Features a double-layer of high-density foam interior to absorb all impact if your case were to hit the deck unexpectedly. The vz.

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Joe D'Alessandro's most popular book is Real Guns: Ruger's Lightweight Compact Real Guns: The CZ 75 SP and 18 of its closest associates Real Guns: Ruger's SP Magnum (Article Reprint) (Real Guns™ Book 21) . Real Guns: Remington's Model BDL 50th Anniversary Edition (Article Reprint​) (Real. Real Guns: Remingtons Model BDL 50th Anniversary Edition. (Article Reprint) (Real Guns™ Book 18). Antidepressiva PDF Online. Real Guns: Remingtons.

It was developed from the german mauser gewehr 98 line, and features a very similar bolt design. The rifle was designed in czechoslovakia shortly after world war i, to replace the vz. Overall condition is real nice for age, comes with front sight, adj rear sight, 2 sets of sling rings, a barrel that measures approx 23" in length, the stock in in good condition with some wear and use marks of course.

Super cool rifle with history, so start the bidding on this one, you won't regret it! Here is a sealed box of bullets count to be exact, they are 55 grain. This lot contains a bag of reloadable brass for your bidding pleasure, weighs approx Take this rifle as it is and use for your plinking pleasure or modify and give it the tactical look with all the great accessories available. You will not regret this fun varment getter.

Here is a great brick of.

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Here is a real nice bushnell rimfire 4x32m scope with rings, appears in super nice condition, crosshairs look great, no covers so could use some cleaning to the exterior of lens no dings or scratches every thing looks good and in tact for your bidding pleasure. Great to add this baby to lost 81?? Record model b1s 2 shot signal pistol 6mm flobert. This is a double-barreled hammer-fired pistol, when the top barrel is fired, the empty casing is ejected simply by blowback, and the second lower barrel is now ready to be fired, the black steel pistol shows modest wear and is also marked "made in german" on the right side.

These were very popular in the 's and 30's for nonlethal self protection but are somewhat scarce today with few examples surviving the war. Lot ra remington arms company ,, there is approx 37 rounds in this box, hs: r a 6 7 there is red on the top. And the 3 rd is unknown mfg.. The 2 uncle mike's sidekick is size 0 soft fabric, padded interior, both appear to be left hand, comes with belt clip, the blackhawk is a size 4 soft fabric, padded interior and comes with belt clip, the brown unknown holster has a metal clip and appears to be an in between size of the uncle mikes and blackhawk, appears to be a vinyl fabric heavy stitching and has the numbers 38 and 2 on the back side and a green felt in the interior, all four one money.

The gun was primarily intended for self defense, law enforcement, and military use. This shotgun will need a little love and care, maybe even have your local gunsmith look it over and make sure still in great working condition as we do not know the history of this one. Here is a vintage redfield 4x wide view rifle scope duplex, numbers on the scope are ab, cross hairs are good and intact, just may need some cleaning on the exterior as there is no cover to the lenses.. Scope comes with original scope rings. Up for auction is a chiappa m four carbine semi automatic rifle chambered in the.

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Leave message cell. Unlike the Westley Richards, which used a paper cartridge and separate igniting percussion cap, the Snider chambered a self-contained metallic cartridge. Online reviews as good as Husqvarna and Echo. During all those years they created a new language for themselves, which they considered the first ever language of the Muslims. This data is not available in the public domain and gives away the detailed design of the submarines. India has lagged in this crucial sector. Prior authorization required for all returns.

Brick of remington mohawk. Here is a nice pro max model protector series rifle hardcase, comes with padded interior, measures approx 52" in length..

Gently used and in nice condition. Prestine condition comes this remington bolt action 7mm rifle, comes with scope rings attached, a black and gray swirl synthetic stock, set of sling rings, a barrel that meausures approx 24" in length, has a remington rubber recoil pad, this rifle is in super condition for your bidding pleasure!

Tasco ts x44 ao adjustable objective note: now we know that ao means a scope has parallax adjustment, but what is that? Well, the reticle in a scope is closer to your eye than the target. So if you don't place your sighting eye at the same place each time you look through the scope, the reticle will appear to move just a little, in relation to the target.

That's going to move the strike of the pellet just a little, too, and that means less accuracy! Just a little tid bit of info.. This is a real nice scope from tasco there is a full minor marks from previous scope rings..

Otherwise this scope has the screw on "sunshades" or lense covers. The cross hairs look great.. Start bidding and take this cool rifle scope home and mount to your favorite varment getter gun! Here is a dremel multipro model kit, with the case and attachments and booklet, 5, to 35, rpm on this dremel, you will definetly have to own this one!

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Gently used case in real nice condition. Here is a real nice ruger gp revolver chambered in the. Super nice, cushioned rubber with hardwood insert. Takedown of integrated subassemblies requires no special tools and allows for easy maintenance and assembly. Comes with fiber optic sights, rear is adjustable, overall condition is real nice sn: xx.

New in the package is an uncle mike's sidekick tactical duty holster size 2 black left hand for revolvers used by police and military personnel.