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Every Friday after school since the beginning of sixth grade, Addie, Joe, Skeezie, and I have gathered at the Candy Kitchen, last booth on the right—the one with the aforementioned torn red leatherette seats—to discuss important issues and eat ice cream. We call this the Forum. Addie: I contend that it does make a difference. Skeezie: Oo, she contends. Addie: Yes, I contend that every act of conscience makes a difference. All right! Wyman brings this to an abrupt halt with threats of detention or disembowelment, I have trouble hearing which. Brittney is the kind of person for whom active verbs and modifiers were invented.

Perhaps there is a lesson I am meant to glean from the experience. Perhaps it will make me a better person. I think, I am already turning into a Zen Buddhist. How science dweeb is that?? He appears to be lost in thought and whatever has got his brain cells occupied is having a strange effect on his facial muscles. They are not locked into their usual the-world-is-beneath-me sneer , but hang on his face like melting cheese, creating the illusion that he is an actual human being and a sad one, at that. Your next stop, the Twilight Zone! I curse whoever invented adolescence and ask God to keep me upright and odor-free for another eight minutes.

Oh, he is good. He may be the High Exalted Emperor of Spitballs, but this guy has been staying awake in class. A laugh riot. You know what you are, Addie? Academy City might be able to build something like that using its tech, but a normal high school boy like Kamijou would never be given a chance to pilot one. It was like an unreachable dream.

He was still mentally distancing himself from it a bit, but if he could enjoy this, it would be best to go all out. Light filled the dark cocoon. His vision expanded in the degrees ahead of him. An image was displayed on the spindle-shaped wall. Except it felt more like the wall had grown transparent.

Controlling weapons on all of the joints sounded like it would be overly complex, but the portable device in his hands was all he needed. It was more like bundles of thin fibers stretching and contracting than gears and cylinders. They were artificial muscles. The spherical device that acted as a referee floated at a point in the sky and a square of the city scenery was divided off by glowing walls. A small window opened on the edge of the building scenery so as not to obstruct his view.

Lilina-chan has successfully booted up.

Soul Land I

Has it been so long that I need to open the help menu? Nice to meet you. The Virtuaroid standing a short distance away was…Bal-Bados, he thought.

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It was a relatively skinny one and, instead of holding weapons with its hands, its arms themselves were cannons. But the lower armor looked something like a skirt and white armor flowed back from the head part, giving the overall silhouette a certain shape. Use the Material Analyze function and you can incorporate any material found on Earth. He looked at the modified Bal-Bados once more.

The primarily white unit was mid-sized when compared to the lightweight Fei-Yen and heavyweight Dordray he had seen on the poster, but that meant it was harder to imagine how it would move. It had cannon muzzles instead of hands, but would it fire from a distance or from point-blank range?

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It would not surprise him if she viewed the Virtuaroids as marionettes controlled by strings more than as weapons or machines. The Temjin that Kamijou Touma was piloting was also average and thus made it hard to predict what strategy it would take.

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It was the standard all-around protagonist unit. It felt like the character in a fighting game that could use both projectiles and anti-air techniques and held the default cursor spot on the character selection screen. It switches modes to match the situation, so it can become a variety of weapons such as a close-range sword called the Blitz Saber or a long-range rifle called the Neutral Launcher. Well, this looks fun, so I might as well try it out. The transmission reached the cocoon-like cockpit just fine, but Kamijou stared into the distance while sitting with his arms around his knees.

His shoulders shook, the soul escaping from his mouth returned to his body, and he spoke in a low voice. Ahh, ahh. I thought I had escaped that boring sleep mode hell now that you were trying out Virtual-On, but I guess I ended up with a failure of a player. She carried out her task even more proficiently than asked, so Kamijou felt a boiling heat rising from the pit of his stomach. Well, with games you win as long as you enjoy it in the end. So keep at it. He had to learn everything from the ground up, all while being blasted, tripped, and kicked over and over.

But unlike a normal fighting game, your primary objective is not wearing down a stamina or armor gauge. Forcibly wearing down your opponent like that will earn you some points, but the victor is determined by whoever has more points from legal blows, much like judo or wrestling.

Chapter 1: Kana the half hollow soul reaper

Well of course it's Lyra! It was named after an ancient hero who once conquered what is now known as Bel Myre. I'm going to eat you, and when I'm full, I'll move to a better place to live. A small country located in the northwestern region of Arad. Leslie Bagrans discovered an ancient civilization on the back of the Behemoth and became engrossed in the depth of knowledge she found in that civilization.

If your unit is destroyed, you lose 5 points. For example, on ground or in air, close-range attacks or long-range attacks, and walking or dashing.

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The nun-like Bal-Bados that Index was piloting was staying well away from him. She kept her distance and mainly fired glowing projectiles from the cannons that were her arms. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!! When the enemy fires, move quickly! And not just in one direction! He was hit over and over until he was knocked to the ground and lost points for going down.

He lost in no time at all.

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Once there, the points are what matters. It has rookie written all over it. He returned to the unit selection screen.


When he placed the cursor on one, Lilina pulled the information from the official website and displayed it for him. Some of them specialized in standard weapons like missiles or beams while others used more twisted methods like psychological attacks. But how about this Cypher one!? It looks fast and strong and its knees jut out!

And Fei-Yen is a perfectly good unit. Aogami mentioned one called Dordray! He was not destroyed this time thanks to the high defensive power, but for the entire 2 sets, he was either knocked down or unable to move as he was knocked back.

Chapters 1–8

Of course, that meant he had more and more points stolen and he had no chance of winning. No chance at all. And trying to find an easy way out is the wrong way to go about this! Even that extraordinarily large boss Jaguarandi has a weak point.

By Herman Melville

No Virtuaroid is a safe zone that ruins that balance!! Every unit has its pros and cons, so part of your strategy can be using a Virtuaroid well-suited for taking on Bal-Bados. But you need to learn the basics before doing that! He ended up returning to Temjin and practicing over and over.