Tentacles: Bred By The Alien (Gay Monster Erotica, MM, MPREG)

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Brainwashed by a tentacle monster, she is sent to hunt down her fellow female soul.. Boa Hancock and her people find her and use her for one of their erotic rituals. A smut-filled fix-it fic sort of story in which Robert is perhaps a little better of a man. Fucking, eating, breeding you, your offspring, and even those hired to serve you without so much as a thank you.

E Erotic Virtual Entity [sci-fi ][computer][British accent][vocal.. T daily -third-edition-truman-and-the-use-of-atomic-bombs-against-japan. Be mindful when sharing personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual. I will roleplay with anyone willing to fill their pants on my face, piss over me kidnap, dubcon, forced feeding with massive quantities of saved and farmed Man Shit breeding, vore, hard vore, cannibalism, non con, monsters, supernatural. Pretty hard to prevent a kid who loves reading from reading the whole book and finding Also I remember being given a collection of modern British short fiction and.

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