The Dao of Rhetoric (SUNY series in Communication Studies)

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My point is that your mouth has grown foul because you keep it sealed so that no arguments can come out of it that might enable you to admit that nature imparts one freedom to all human beings equally - to learn. But the question of my exceptionality remains. And here choice alone, since it is the arbiter of character, is the distinguishing factor. For some women worry about the styling of their hair, the elegance of their clothes, and the pearls and other jewelry they wear on their fingers. Others love to say cute little things, to hide their feelings behind a mask of tranquility, to indulge in dancing, and to lead pet dogs around on a leash.

For all I care, other women can long for parties with carefully appointed tables, for the peace of mind of sleep, or they can yearn to deface with paint the pretty face they see reflected in their mirrors. But those women for whom the quest for the good represents a higher value restrain their young spirits and ponder better plans.

They harden their bodies with sobriety and toil, they control their tongues, they carefully monitor what they hear, they ready their minds for all-night vigils, and they rouse their minds for the contemplation of probity in the case of harmful literature. For knowledge is not given as a gift but by study. For a mind free, keen, and unyielding in the face of hard work always rises to the good, and the desire for learning grows in the depth and breadth.

The DAO of Rhetoric

So be it therefore. May we women, then, not be endowed by God the grantor with any giftedness or rare talent through any sanctity of our own. Nature has granted to all enough of her bounty; she opens to all the gates of choice, and through these gates, reason sends legates to the will, for it is through reason that these legates transmit desires.

I shall make a bold summary of the matter. Yours is the authority, ours is the inborn ability. But instead of manly strength, we women are naturally endowed with cunning, instead of a sense of security, we are naturally suspicious. Down deep we women are content with our lot. But you, enraged and maddened by the anger of the dog from whom you flee, are like someone who has been frightened by the attack of a pack of wolves.

The victor does not look for the fugitive; nor does she who desires a cease-fire with the enemy conceal herself. Nor does she set up camp with courage and arms when the conditions are hopeless.

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The book argues that Daoism provides a lens for viewing limitations of current Western. The Dao of Rhetoric (SUNY series in Communication Studies) [Steven C. Combs] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Examines the ways.

Despite the continued oppression, several brave women took advantage of the changes brought in by the Renaissance. Her most famous work, The Treasure of the Cities of Ladies , provided instruction to women on how they could achieve their potential and create for themselves lives rich in meaning and importance. Italian born Laura Cereta initiated intellectual debates with her male counterparts through letter writing.

Yet, given the difficulties women had earning recognition in the educational arena, many of her letters went unanswered Rabil. Despite these obstacles, she continued her education with diligence and is considered one of the earliest feminists. Ideas surrounding issues of style in speaking situations received significant attention during the Renaissance period. Petrus Ramus paid great attention to the idea of style by actually grouping style and delivery of the five canons together. Ramus also argued that invention and arrangement did not fit the canon and should be the focus of logic, not rhetoric.

Needless to say, he had a way of making a name for himself by challenging much of what early scholars thought of truth, ethics, and morals as they applied to communication. In contrast to Ramus, Francis Bacon , a contemporary of Shakespeare, believed that the journey to truth was paramount to the study and performance of communication. Bacon was an English Philosopher who was well known for being the father of empiricism.

According to Bacon, reason and morality required speakers to have a high degree of accountability, making it an essential element in oration. Ethics, truth, and morality all have an integral place in communication.

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Cicero classified ethics under the canon of Invention and directly related a speaker's credibility with an audience. Their works reflect the dynamic nature of the Renaissance Period and the reemergence of discussion and deliberation regarding the nature and uses of communication. The works of these scholars were a springboard back into a full-blown examination of communication, which continued into The Enlightenment. A maturing Europe continued to see a lessening of tension between the church and secular institutions, and the transformation of the Communication field was a reflection of broader cultural shifts.

Modernizations, such as the printing press, made written materials much easier to copy and reproduce rapidly.

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This made text readily available to the masses through newspapers, books, and pamphlets. This sparked a rise in literacy rates and forever changed the ways people learned and communicated.

Scholarly Communication Lecture Series- Johanna Drucker

This era was the precursor to the industrial revolution and began the rapid changes in the development of our field that were to come. Golden, Berquist, and Colemen point to four prominent trends in theory during the Enlightenment. First, neoclassicism revived the classical approach to rhetoric by adapting and applying it to contemporary situations.

Second, the eclectic method of belletristic scholars offered standards of style for presenting and critiquing oration, drama, and poetry. The Scottish minister and educator, George Campbell , tried to create convincing arguments using scientific and moral reasoning by seeking to understand how people used speech to persuade others.

One could say the Enlightenment Period served as a bridge between the past and the present of Communication study -- the Old and the New School. During this period, people used many of the early approaches to further explore communication in ways that would ignite an explosion in the Communication field in the 20th Century.

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Topics such as persuasion, public speaking, political debate, preaching, letter writing, and education guided Communication study in the early periods as these were the pressing social matters of the day. In the 19th and 20th centuries, with the industrial revolution in full effect, major world changes took place that impacted the continuing advancement of Communication study.

We have seen more changes in the ways humans communicate, and Communication study, in the past years than in any other time in history. In this half of the chapter, we examine the development of the modern field of Communication, demonstrating how it has developed into the departments of Communication that you may recognize on your campus today.

Think about the different departments and majors on your campus. What about the department of Communication? How did it get there? You may not know it, but academic departments like Communication are a relatively recent phenomenon in human history.

While there is evidence of speech instruction in the U. Here, faculty expressed the desire to separate from departments of English.

The art and science of oral communication went in different directions than traditional areas of focus in English, and those with these interests wanted the resources and recognition that accompanied this field of study. Hamilton College was an early pioneer of Speech instruction in the U. But, it was not until the early 20th century that Communication saw the emergence of seven M. As Communication scholars formed departments of Communication, they also organized themselves into associations that reflected the interests of the field.

Within a year, over sixty secondary-school teachers of Speech attended a conference at Swarthmore Smith As a result of the work of the early founders, a number of organizations are currently devoted to bringing together those interested in studying communication. Case In Point Communication Study Now International, National, and Regional Organizations of Communication Study A variety of professional organizations are devoted to organizing those interested in studying communication, organizing conferences for scholars to communicate about current research, and publishing academic journals highlighting the latest in research from our discipline.

To find out more about what these organizations do, you can visit their websites. By the NSSC had become the ICA and had the express purpose of bringing together academics and professionals around the world interested in the study of human communication.

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The ICA currently has over 3, members with over two-thirds of them working as teachers and researchers in educational settings around the world. The ACA was founded in and actually exists as a virtual professional association that includes researchers, teachers, and professionals devoted to communication study in North, Central, and South America as well as in the Caribbean. NCA boasts the largest membership of any communication organization in the world.

Currently there are approximately 7, members from the U. After years of study going in a variety of directions, the beginning of the 20th century showed the desire of Communication teachers to formally organize and institutionalize the study of Communication. These organizations have played a large part in determining how departments of Communication look and function on college campuses, the Communication curriculum, and the latest in teaching strategies for Communication professors.

These changes are reflected in the organizations, universities, colleges, and mass production that we know today.

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As a result of all of this change, new areas of Communication research emerged to answer the relevant questions of the day. From —, Communication study focused on five primary areas that experienced rapid changes and advances:. This period brought many changes to the political landscape, with new technologies beginning to significantly alter the communication of political messages, much like President Warren G.

Harding did with the radio. When you think about our focus on politics, much of our assessment of the communication in this arena came from the work of scholars in the early 20th century. They focused on propaganda analysis, political themes in public communication magazines, textbooks, etc. This line of work was influenced by the early works of Walter Lippman who is considered the father of public opinion analysis. All of us have been exposed to a barrage of public opinion polls and political messages in the media.

Survey of Communication Study/Chapter 4 - History of Communication Study

Understanding these may seem quite daunting to the average person. Yet, through the work of scholars such as Lippman and Lasswell, analysis of public opinion polls and propaganda have been able to provide incredible insight into the impacts of such communication. Public opinion polls and analysis of propaganda messages allow us to follow the sentiment of large groups of people. Harding becomes first president to be heard on the radio. During the early 20th century, society changed through urbanization, industrialization, and continued developments in mass media.

As a result, there was a need to understand how these changes impacted human communication.