The Three Day Spanking Party

Back from Boardwalk Badness Weekend Spanking Party!
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Of course, serious spankings were in store for whoever let the tower tumble. Kelley and I jumped in to play. I took this game very seriously, and did not want to knock over the tower, as seen by my facial expression in this photo:.

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As the night wore on, I returned to Dr. But eventually, I got tired, and it was time to change into my pajamas. On the plane, as I was headed to England, I started to think about the past three years of my life in the National spanking scene, and all that has happened since I first arrived at TASSP in What if no one liked me?

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Could I really handle a whole weekend full of getting spanked? Would it be weird to watch others playing? What would the activities be like? I imagined that, realistically, I was probably going to have a pretty good time.

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Some of them were people I spent a lot of time with at that party and never stopped wanting to spend a lot of time with. Others were people I only met in passing, but would spend more time with at other parties in the future and become fast friends. I met someone at my first TASSP with whom it would take years, literally up until last month, for our friendship to properly blossom due to miscommunications and someone negatively influencing our ability to get along. I was a very different person than I am now when I first showed up. I had no idea how much I would grow over the next few years. I was very new to modeling, and almost no one knew who I was. In general, I was pretty awkward. Roleplay and play punishment were still brand new things to me, and I was straight up uncomfortable with the idea of bratting. Asking people to play? That was a little much for me!

Saying no to someone who asked me?

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I had not yet embraced that side of myself in the least, and was working hard to repress it. And now?

Girl gets spanking from zaddy ๐Ÿ˜

I felt so in my element this weekend, whether I was bottoming, Topping, roleplaying, age-playing, giving a presentation or running an event. Like many people, I had my moments where I got overwhelmed and emotional, but I had my friends there for me, and these problems were quickly straightened out so we could all get back to enjoying the weekend.

I see these changes in many of the friends that I first met at my first party, too. The scene itself has grown and developed, too. I hope this trend continues to grow. Dates tend to mean a lot to me, so celebrating my third years of parties by partying hard with lots of amazing people was definitely great. I hope you will, too! It has a very different feel than a lot of other parties. This gives you lots of different rooms to chose from with lots of different energies, which is a big win.

It also means that you have the unfortunate situation of not running into people as often as you might want to, or missing someone entirely because you were always in different rooms. After some hanging out and cuddling, JC bent me over the edge of the bed and started to spank me with his hand. He started out fairly gently, but moved on to start using his hand like he normally does: hard. I was really wanting to be spanked, though, and I was particularly happy to be reconnecting with my friend this way after almost six months, so instead of resisting, I felt blissed out.

I think I probably cooed as he spanked me. The room we were playing in was busy and bustling, and my friends were probably watching, but I was in the right headspace to not care. Everything in the background melted away, and my only thought was the brightness that I felt with each smack. After a little while, JC decided it was time to move on to another implement I say this because his hand pretty much counts as an implement in my mind! They still had the tags on and everything! Hairbrushes, though, are a different story.

I consider myself a good judge of character when it comes to hairbrushes. I can tell which ones are going to have a deep, burning bite, and which ones will have a lighter, more superficial sting, which ones have a cushioned core that give them a gentler thud and which ones will blind me in a frenzy of smacks that I can never seem to get used to. I could immediately tell that one of the two hairbrushes was decidedly friendlier, so I picked that one.

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JC began to spank me with it, and I began to squirm a bit, wriggling around under the smacks, although they felt quite like I had expected. Smack, smack, smack went the hairbrush. Things grew sorer and sorer with each smack, until one felt vaguely dull and strange. I turned around to look.

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This is the first time I ever used it! Take that, hairbrush! I got you back! It was, indeed, heavier and more bitey. About five weeks ago, I left South Dakota with everything I owned there packed into my sedan. From there, I drove to Denver, where I visited with Amoni and shot some absolutely amazing scenes including two outdoor scenes for Real Spankings.

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After a few days of recovery from that, I spent some time visiting with a variety of awesome friends, doing some shopping and eating the greatest BBQ in all the land. I love the time that I spend in Texas. Mila and I hung out a bit, too, then I picked her up and we drove to Vegas for Shadowlane. Driving to Vegas was a long and kind of ridiculous process, but it was amazingly fun, too.

The whole backseat of my car was packed solid:. We had misadventures, sisterly arguments, played car games, sang along to a lot of music, ate snacks and did other roadtriply things. We also spent a night with Heather Green and her fiance, who happened to be in the area, which was lovely! Of course, I had to get naked in nature at some point during the trip:. After that, we did eventually arrive in Vegas, where good times were had by all. I really enjoy filming with him for his site because he has a high tolerance for my ridiculous ideas and we often end up making things that are a bit wacky, but very hot as well.

To add to the awesomeness, we filmed with Maddy Marks and Christy Cutie as well.

The Three Day Spanking Party: 18 Girls & 270 Spankings - Special Edition - 5 Books in One

Anyway, during filming we were all in high spirits and I got into one of my brattiest moods ever captured on film, answering back to everything and showing minimal contrition. Thanks, Mr. Naughtiest cheerleaders ever? Question: What do girls do in their school common rooms? After the party was over, we took one extra day in Vegas to walk around on the strip. Kind of immediately. Before lunch.

Lunch did me a lot of good, though, and we had fun exploring for the rest of the day. I promise.